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Appel à contribution
Organisé par le Centre for Second War Studies
Du 01/01/2009 au 03/01/2009 à Université de Birmingham

From Africa to Berchtesgaden:

Across the Desert to defeat Hitler 

Centre for Second World War Studies, University of Birmingham

10 - 11 December 2009 


The Centre for Second World War Studies at the University of Birmingham invites applications from Africanists, military historians, experts on the French, British and Italian Empires in Africa, as well as specialists on the Second World War in the Mediterranean and the Sahara, to contribute to this event which will be the first of its kind in the United Kingdom for more than twenty years.

 The workshop intends to bring together historians from different fields with an interest in the War in Africa and the Mediterranean in order to explore the following themes: 

•-        Africa: Grand Strategies

•-        Strategy and Logistics on land, sea and air

•-        Operations and Tactics on land, sea and air

•-        Political and socio-economic consequences of the war

•-        Recruitment of native troops

•-        Religion and Identity

•-        Propaganda and representations of the conflict

Priority may be given to papers referring to North and West Africa.

 Building on the existing historiography of the Second World War in Africa (Killingray & Rathbone, 1985; Thomas, 1998; Levisse-Touzé, 1998; etc.) and acknowledging recent initiatives (Rutgers University 2008), this workshop aims to bridge the gap between the African and European theatres of war as well as between military history and social and cultural approaches.

 A follow-up conference on the Northern Mediterranean (Italy, France and the Balkans) is planned for 2010.

 It is hoped that a small contribution towards travel expenses will be available for speakers coming from overseas. 

For more information please contact the organizers (Dr Berny Sèbe; Dr Steffen Prauser) or visit the Centre's Website ( E-mail contacts: and